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All American Auto Parts began trading in 1987, although the business had been operating as BLH Enterprises since 1982 being a subsidiary of Ballarat Limousine Hire. Starting as a wedding car hire business featuring Cadillacs and Thunderbirds, owner Ron McLean realised that it was important to carry a range of spare parts to service his vehicles, so a trip to the USA was arranged, and a crate of spare parts was shipped back to Australia.

The following year a further trip was arranged, and other American car owners asked if parts could also be located for their cars, and from what started out as selling a few spares out of the garage, All American Auto Parts grew from being a one man part time operation to now employing a full time staff of three who not only know their product, but own and drive American cars. Over time we have secured great deals with some of the world's largest spare parts manufacturers.

We are at the moment re-developing this web site, in the past we have attempted to list all of the parts we stock on the web site together with prices. We have found this to be an overwhelming challenge as we cover so many makes and models it would mean employing a full time person just to keep the web site up to date. In addition, there is a lot of "need to know" required in making the correct purchase for a lot of the parts, and we like to get things right the first time, so please phone or email us using the "Contact Us" port so we can give you current price and availability on your requirements. Do check our "Specials" page though, we generally have some great deals on offer there.

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